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Washington’s hubris

As one who served honorably on active duty in the Marine Corps infantry, I never anticipated back then that one day my conscience would compel me to call the government in Washington the largest and most criminal enterprise on earth.

The government in Washington has been managing a dollar standard system that’s based on a depreciating currency and negative real rates. As I’ve explained in previous commentaries, this means the economic pie is shrinking by way of policy. The War Party (aka armageddon lobby) has us quarreling over how to divide up pieces of a shrinking economic pie. And the government in Washington expects the rest of the world to roll over and play dead as it seeks to conquer and conscript other nations into this system?

Our top pursuit should be that of peace, and there be no war. Unfortunately, Trump’s victory was not a defeat for the War Party.┬áThe War Party’s propaganda machine is running at full throttle, concocting Russian guilt for events with absolutely no evidence. War may be inevitable at this point. If it is, and if people truly understood what was happening, they would understand that the survival of the West depends upon the rest of the world defeating the Murder Industrial Complex in Washington.

Updated: April 17, 2018 — 6:15 pm

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