A Perfect Hegelian Trap

Just a few weeks ago something really occurred to me. I’m a staunch supporter of free markets, precisely because I care about our country and its inhabitants. For me, it definitely impacts how I strive to live. I don’t support free markets because I hate. I support free markets because I love. I strive to not judge anybody for disagreement over ideas. What occurred to me just recently was how under the current system, the entire federal government, all state and local governments, could be jettisoned, and that would result in nothing close to a free market. Why? It all goes back to the monetary and financial system, which isn’t based on a free market. Sure. We could jettison all government. And what would the result be? We have the uber wealthy elites like Bill Gates and Elon Musk running around with unchecked power. Jettisoning government would result in a loss of checks and balances. Also, anybody who tries to single out some agency or department, like the FBI, as if the FBI is the only corrupt entity, is a demagogue, not a true supporter of free markets. In fact, under the current system, probably the last entity I would start would jettisoning would be the FBI.

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